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  • Fury
    Link G4+ Fury
    $ 2145.00
    Prices Includes
    Free Freight Aus-Wide!
    Additional Requirements:
  • mxs_strada
    MXS Strada
    $ 1397.00
    ECU Bridge / Logger
  • ipc_unit
    Intelligent Peripheral Controller
    $ 349.00
    Wiring Connector / Loom
    Boost Control Solenoid
    Additional Pressue Sensor(s)
    Air Temperature Sensor
    Fluid Temp Sensor
    Fuel Composition Sensor

Automotive wiring is something we take very seriously. We can cover everything from wiring in a new fuel pump to full from-scratch motorsport wire-ups. We believe that a good wiring loom is not only functional and reliable, but elegant. It should be something that need not be hidden.





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