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 Featured products

 Link ECU's

Our ECU of choice by a long margin, with features that blow far more expensive solutions out of the water. Electronic throttle, traction control, gearshift control, flex fuel, and 100% customisable in every manner. The list of possibilities is quite literally endless.


 Wisefab Lock Kits

We have been the Australian agents for Wisefab since the first Nissan kits went on sale many years ago. Here you'll now find the full range listed, with pricing updated to make sure our customers always get the best possible deal.


 Nardi Steering Wheels

Sourced direct from Nardi in Italy, these wheels are a product we've been a proud supporter of for a long time. Stock walks out the door as fast as it comes in so we've made it easy for you to order the wheel you want, the way you want it. Customise the leather and the stitching and we'll have it made for you.

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