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At Garage 7, dyno tuning is one of our specialties. Our inhouse Dynapack DAQplus 2WD dyno is one of the most high tech tools in South Australia. Accurate and repeatable results with zero wheel spin due to the load cells being directly coupled to the vehicles hubs. It's like having an engine dyno bolted to your axle. As a tuning tool, not much comes close. High powered cars with violent torque delivery that would otherwise be untuneable on conventional rolling road dyno's are not a problem.


We have many years worth of experience with most aftermarket ECU's and OEM remapping though we have become most well known for our work with Link Engine Management and Nistune.


Advanced engine manangement features are a source of excitement for us. Variable cam timing, electronic throttle, flex fuel, anti-lag, traction control, CAN, automated auxiliary controls and engine protection. You name it, we can create a solution for it.


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