The Garage7 Tie rod Conversion Kits for Nissan's have been put together to avoid rack spacers, whilst also upgrading to 14mm thick rack ends for extra strength,

This particular kit is for cars with a 16x1.5mm threaded Socket into the rack.


Sizes are listed from the tip of the rack end thread to the very end of the tie rod

Suggested Vehicles this could suit:

R31 Skyline (AUS with TRW rack)
- 380mm R31 LCA, S13 Knuckles
- 392mm S13 LCA, S13 knuckles
- 405mm S13 LCA, Modified Knuckles
- 420mm S14/R33 LCA, S13 Knuckles
- 425mm S14/R33 LCA, Modified Knuckles
- 450mm Extended LCA, Modified Knuckles
910 Bluebird
S12 Gazelle
S12 Silvia
S13 Silvia (CA18)
S13 180SX (CA18)
S13 Silvia (SR20)
S13 180SX (SR20 - some, check)




SKU g7-Tierod1.5-425