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What started out with fairly simple intentions, has escalated to become an essential component of almost any performance car project. We began developing what was going to be a simple but highly effective electronic boost controller, but it became much, much more....

The goal of the Garage 7 Intelligent Peripheral Controller (IPC) is simply to bring the luxuries of advanced auxiliary control found in high-end engine management platforms to vehicles using OEM or basic aftermarket ECU's.

The IPC's biggest bragging right is its freely configurable PID closed loop boost control. Comparable to or better than that found in very high-end standalone engine management platforms. PID control offers true target based boost control with autonomous adjustment. Boost control isn't the end game, though, its uses go far beyond that. Thermo fans, water sprayers, pumps, solenoids, or just about any other device your vehicle may require.

Key Features

  • PID closed loop boost control, virtually unlimited configuration
  • Boost by gear, ethanol, or any other available channel with freely configurable 3D tables
  • Convert digital flex fuel sensor signals to an analogue 0-5v signal for use with NIStune
  • 10x Inputs channels (1x Onboard 4 Bar MAP, 3x Analogue, 2 Temperature, 4x Digital)
  • 6x Output channels (3x PWM/Aux, 2x Aux, 1x Analogue out)
  • Near limitless configuration of input/output channels
  • Engine Cut Modes (Rev limiter, boost limiter, launch limiter, 2x safety limiter tables)
  • Intuitive and powerful PC based tuning software (FREE)
  • Updatable firmware. Get new features for free as they are released
  • Compact design for discrete installations
  • 20 Pin wiring connector.
  • Expansion port for connection to future accessories
  • USB PC interface


  • 10x Inputs channels in total
  • Built in 4 Bar MAP sensor (up to 43psi boost)
  • Larger MAP sensors can be connected via an analogue input channel
  • 5x Analogue inputs total, freely configurable (TPS, oil pressure, fuel pressure, lambda etc)
  • 2x Temperature inputs (Analogue inputs 4&5), freely configurable, switchable 1K pull up resistor
  • 4x Digital inputs, freely configurable (RPM, speed, flex fuel, switches, etc), switchable 10k pull up resistor
  • Configurable pull-ups on temperature inputs, for piggybacked or standalone temperature channels
  • Configurable pull-ups on digital inputs, for different input types
  • Direct connection to digital ethanol content sensors including fuel temperature measurement
  • Hall effect and VR sensor support (direct connection to 2 wire wheel speed sensors)
  • Switch inputs for boost table switching or any other purpose
  • Analogue gear position sensor support
  • RPM/Speed ratio based gear detection support


  • 6x Auxiliary output channels in total
  • 3x PWM capable output channels, freely configurable (1Hz - 8000Hz)
  • 2x General purpose logic channels, freely configurable (PWM channels can also perform logic outputs)
  • 1x Analogue output channel, freely configurable
  • 2x Logic based timer channel - short period overtake boost mode or any other purpose
  • 1x Race Timer function
  • Boost control
  • Dual Solenoid CO2 wastegate pressure boost control
  • Fuel pump control
  • Nitrous control with heater and purge
  • Engine Cut Modes
  • General purpose PWM control with freely configurable 3D duty cycle and frequency tables
  • General purpose target based PID control with freely configurable conditions and 3D target table
  • Thermo fan control, coolant or oil or many other temperature channel options
  • Logic based output control - up to 3 stackable "and / or" conditions based on any input/output channel per output
  • Expansion port for future upgrade devices (TBA)

Boost Control Features

Traditional Single Solenoid or Dual Solenoid CO2 wastegate top port pressure control

  • 3x 3D Boost target tables, freely configurable, axis can be made up of any available input/output channel
  • 1x 3D Base duty cycle feed forward table, freely configurable, axis can be made up of any available input/output channel
  • Boost Target Clamp table
  • Z axis blending of up to 3 boost target tables
  • Gear based boost trim (gear can also be an axis of any 3D table)
  • Gear detection from either analogue position sensor or RPM/Speed ratio
  • Coolant temp boost trim - for protection of cold or overheating engines
  • Air temp boost trim - compensate for air density or limit excessive intake temperatures
  • Boost by ethanol using Z axis control or any table axis
  • Switch between boost tables with a toggle switch connected to an input channel
  • PID closed loop with user configurable gain tables
  • Over boost protection with configurable tolerance and shutdown periods
  • Spool up control

PC Tuning Software

  • Free download
  • Familiar layout that will feel intuitive to anyone used to using popular engine management platforms
  • Data logging
  • Customisable gauge layout with selectable channels and colours
  • Help and hints automatically show for most configuration items
  • Table cells accept maths operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
  • Whole table copy/paste function
  • Unidirectional and bidirectional table cell interpolation
  • Temperature sensor calibration wizard - converts sensor resistance data to voltage curves
  • Save IPC settings to file
  • Import and upload of IPC setting files
  • Built in firmware updater
  • Map tracing on all tables with current live data

Included Items

  • 1x IPC Unit
  • 1x 20 Pin Connector Kit
  • 1x USB Cable


Brand Garage 7