The Thunder is designed for high end applications requiring maximum performance, flexibility and tuning control. The Thunder has more inputs, more outputs and more features than any other Link ECU.

The Thunder has all the features found on other LinkECU's plus onboard 3 axis accelerometer, two EGT thermocouple inputs, two Onboard Lambda Controllers and 2 x E-throttle Controllers.


16 x Digital inputs (6 are high speed differential type for ABS sensors etc)

4 x Temperature inputs

16 x Analog inputs

2 x Trigger inputs

2 x Knock inputs

2 x LSU 4.9 Wideband lambda sensor inputs

2 x K Type Thermocouple inputs



8 x Peak and Hold injection drives

8 x Ignition drivers

18 x Auxiliary outputs^

+5V Sensor power supply

+8V Sensor power supply

^unused fuel and ignition drives can be used as additional Aux outputs



2 x CAN bus

1x Serial (RS232) connection

1x USB tuning connection



Advanced features not found on the Xtreme or Fury:

2 x Onboard digital wideband lambda controllers, no separate box required. Higher accuracy, simple setup and long sensor life are some of the advantages compared to a separate analog input wideband device.

2 x Fully programmable E-throttle controls complete with capability of gear shift throttle blip and antilag (for engines with 2 electronic throttle bodies).

2 x K type thermocouple EGT inputs – direct connection of EGT sensors with no extra interface box.



Dimensions: 180mm(L) x 210mm(W) x 40mm(H) (without looms)


Mass: 1060 gram

Advanced fully configurable WireIn Engine Control Unit (ECU)

  • Most suitable for high end applications where multi electronic throttle bodies are used or where a large amount of IO is required.


  • Dimensions: 170 x 212 x 44 mm (6.7 x 8.3 x 1.7 in)
  • Weight: 1.04 kg (2.29 lb)
  • Material: Aluminium Die Cast, Black Powder Coated
  • Mounting: Flush mount extruded mounting bracket
  • Connectors:
    • 2 x 34 pin AMP Super Seal
    • 2 x 26 pin AMP Super Seal
    • 2 x Link 6 pin
  • Indicators: Power / Fault code indicator LED
  • IP Rating: 54


  • Electronics: Link G4+ Engine Control Platform
  • Processor:
    • 40 MHz dual processor
    • Engine control specific MCU and Digital Signal Processor
  • Memory: 32 Mbit Data Logging Memory
  • Communications
    • USB - PC Tuning
    • 2 x CAN 2.0B - User configurable
    • RS-232
  • Firmware: Link G4+ Firmware V5.5.0 or later. In field firmware updatable
  • Tuning Software: PCLink G4+


  • Password: Password protection can be applied to prevent unintended adjustment
  • Lock: Shipped locked (engine control disabled). Must be unlocked by a Link distributor

Max. Ratings

  • Power Supply: Reverse Polarity protected. Max Continuous operating voltage 24V. Over voltage protection at 27V. Minimum operating voltage 6.5V.
  • Temperature: -40 to + 80 ⁰ C (-40 to 185 ⁰F)


  • Engine Position:
    • Up to 6 engine position sensor inputs (reluctor, hall or optical)
    • Engine position tracking to 0.1 degree accuracy
    • Digital Sampling Oscilloscope on Trigger 1 and 2 Inputs
  • Analog:
    • 20 0-5V Analog Inputs
      • 2 have configurable pullup resistor
      • 2 have permanent pullup resistor
  • Digital
    • 8 Frequency or switching inputs. All with switchable pullup resistor
    • 6 High frequency differential frequency or switching inputs
    • Suitable for ABS or turbo speed sensor
    • 2 Switching inputs
  • Barometric Pressure: Internal factory calibrated barometric pressure sensor (or external sensor option)
  • Knock: 2 Knock sensor inputs
  • Lambda Sensor Control: 2 Internal wideband Lambda sensor controllers utilising latest Bosch OEM digital signal processing technology
  • Thermocouple: 2 Thermocouple amplifiers suitable for K Type thermocouple sensors
  • Accelerometer: 3 Axis accelerometer with orientation correction


  • Injector: 8 Peak and Hold or Saturated injector driver outputs. 10/3A max. Unused injector outputs can be used as general purpose outputs. 0.1 degree, 1.6 us precision
  • Ignition: 8 Ignition pre-amplifier drivers (external igniter required). Unused ignition outputs can be used as general purpose outputs. 2.2A max. 0.1 degree precision.
  • Auxiliary Outputs
    • 4 Low Side Drivers. 2.2A max
    • 4 Low/High Side Drivers. 2.2A max
    • 6 Half Bridge Drivers 8 A max
    • 6 Low Side Drivers with open circuit detection 1 A max
  • Regulated Outputs
    • 8V sensor supply. 200mA max
    • 5V sensor supply. 200mA max


  • Included:

- Flush fit clip in mounting bracket

- USB tuning cable

- Link stickers

The Thunder also has the Link G4+ platform features

- 1 x 1R (6 x <6R injectors)

- 2 x 1R (12 x <6R injectors)

- 4 x 4R7 (4 x <6R injectors)

- 6 x 4R7 (6 x <6R injectors)


SKU 124-1000
Brand Link ECU

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